2016 IABC/Pittsburgh Business Communicator of the Year

Congratulations to Mark Hindsbo, CMO of ANSYS, Inc., with the 2016 Business Communicator of the Year Award!

Mark Hindsbo joined ANSYS as the Vice President of Marketing in June 2015. He brought a broad set of business and technical experiences across sales, marketing, business strategy, software development and physics.

In his role, Mark deftly straddles the worlds of technology and business with a leg solidly planted in each. His passion for engineering simulation, coupled with his fresh ideas and perspectives, has injected a new, contagious energy at ANSYS.

In nominating Mark, his colleagues emphasized his ability to:

  • Simplify and share complex messages
  • Respond quickly to events outside the company
  • Evangelize for engineering simulation and STEM initiatives
  • Encourage the next generation of engineers

Mark helped propel ANSYS into the digital age of marketing, to take advantage of modern media approaches that include a redesigned Web site, videos, blogs, and a new magazine, Dimensions, that reaches managers and executives. The company is now focusing more consistently on global, year-round campaign-based messaging.

According to his colleagues, Mark’s influence on ANSYS has been transformational. His passion and commitment has revitalized the organization, spread through teams and caused marketing and communications to be more innovative and focused.

Prior to joining ANSYS, Mark was the Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Parallels. He spent over 10 years at Microsoft in roles ranging from General Manager in the Server and Tools business group, to Vice President of the Developer business in the U.S.

Mark also worked for The Boston Consulting Group, co-founded an interactive marketing agency, and did scientific computing at Novo Nordisk. He holds a Master of Science from the Technical University of Denmark and has done nuclear research at CERN.

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