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IABC Global Communication Certification

If you’re looking to take your career to the next level and validate your professional skills, you should consider IABC's Global Communication Certification.

Certification tells your peers, colleagues and clients that they are working with an experienced and competent communicator. And, importantly, certification shows the world that you are committed to keeping your skills and knowledge up to date. If you have at least six years of experience in communication, certification is an option for you.

How do you get certified?

Getting certified is actually very simple – there are just three steps:

  1. Detailing your experience, education and skills in an online questionnaire.
  2. Taking a multiple choice test covering the areas of ethics, research and analysis, strategy and engagement, consistency and implementation, and measurement.
  3. Maintaining a record of your learning and personal development.

Maintaining your certification requires you to keep reading, attending events and thinking about how to improve your practice.

Find Out More

To learn more about the Global Communication Certification, including costs, and to find out more about the benefits of certification, contact Craig Irons at

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